Answers to your frequently asked questions.

The web design services...

Will my new website look good on mobile phones and devices?
Yes, provided you choose a 'responsive' theme for your store. All themes I use for client websites are responsive.

The Blog...

Who's behind The Magpie Files?
Mainly myself, with occasional input from friends and family. To find out more, please visit my about page.

I'm an artist/seller, how do I benefit from being featured?
Upon clicking the images and any links within an article, the visitor is taken directly to the website of origin. In other words, free traffic with no catches!

I'd like to suggest a product or artwork, how do I know if it's suitable?
I'm always delighted to receive submissions or hear your suggestions. Uniqueness is key and the availability of high quality images essential. If you know an artist, or are an artist, I'd love to hear from you!

Who's your copywriter?
I am, with occasional help from my talented sister who is a professional wordsmith. If you are in need of her assistance, please let me know.

Are you affiliated with any websites?
Please see our disclosure.

Can I use your images and/or text?
Images In order to protect artists and sellers, please make your own arrangements with the owners/creators of images on this website. 
Text All copy is written by us and copying is not permitted. Did you know that copying written content from other websites can negatively affect your search engine ranking?