A Prickly Issue

September 01, 2016

A Prickly Issue

I inadvertently discovered that these prickly little plants have quite a following when I posted a photo of a cactus on Instagram recently. So for all those crazy about cacti and sweet on a succulent, this cactastic post is for you...

Cactus Marquee Light | Rourke and Henry       Little Cactus Tea Light Candles

Cactus marquee light by Rourke & Henry.
Little Cactus Candles via  Brit + Co. No longer available, alternative: Cactus candle set.

Cacti House Phipps Conservatory Schenley Park Pittsburgh Pennsylvania USA

In 1902 the impressive Cacti House was added to the Phipps Conservatory, which is located at Schenley Park, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania USA. Henry Phipps’ original Cacti House later became the Desert Room as a more diverse selection of plants and flowers from warmer climates of the United States were added.
Photo credit: Detroit Publishing Co., via Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division via enclos*ure.

Balancing cactus toy by Plan Toys | The Magpie Files      Stained Glass Cactus on Driftwood by Stained Glass Crafters Workbench | The Magpie Files      Felt succulents by mellsva on Etsy | The Magpie Files

Sustainable balancing cactus toy by Plan Toys.
Stained Glass Cactus on Driftwood by Stained Glass Crafters Workbench Texas.
Felt succulents by mellsva on Etsy.

Cactus Embroidered Bra Bikini Top | The Magpie Files       Cactus Teapot by L'Officina Italy | The Magpie Files

Cactus Bra by E K Parkinson.
Ceramic Cactus Teapot by L'Officina Handmade in Turin, Italy.

Cactus painting by Kwang-Ho Lee | The Magpie Files

Realistic cactus painting by Kwang-Ho Lee via Colossal.

Murano Glass Cactus | The Magpie Files      Sterling silver cactus charm from Charmarama | The Magpie Files      Cactus Candles from Rockett St George | The Magpie Files

Limited edition hand blown by Murano Glass Sculptures (see ‘Around the world’ category).
Sterling silver cactus charm from Charmarama.
Cactus Candles via  Rockett St George. No longer available, alternative from Cactustop.

Cactus cushion by Sian Keegan | The Magpie Files       Neon cacti by Love & Victory | The Magpie Files

Cactus cushion by Sian Keegan via Society 6.
Neon cacti by Love & Victory via AHA.

Cactus cupcakes by Alana Jones-Mann | The Magpie Files

Cactus cupcakes by Alana Jones-Mann.


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