I Heart Felt

February 07, 2016

I Heart Felt

I find myself frequently fascinated and often awe struck by needle felt creations that I stumble upon and so, err, felt that this interesting art deserves its own dedicated post. 

Needle felting, a skill involving wool and specially designed needles, has become increasingly popular in recent years. It is the interlocking of wool fibres using barbed needles, which gradually condense the wool into felt, enabling the artist to form their little 'sculpture'.

There are many talented needle felt artists around the world – those featured here are just our current favourites. And we're sure to be featuring this craft again in the future. Sizes and prices vary enormously, so it might be necessary to invest some time into finding the perfect piece. And, if you can't find what you're searching for or would like something unique, many artists offer a custom service.

Ruta Augutaviciene is one such artist who I highly recommend. I commissioned Ruta to make a tiny needle felt replica of my sister’s cat, to give to her at Christmas. When it arrived from Lithuania, where Ruta is based, the little felt feline far exceeded my expectations – she skilfully captured the character of the cat, including his many defining physical characteristics. And, most importantly, my sister was delighted and now treasures her beloved cat’s miniature doppelgänger.

Enjoy these enchanting examples of the art of needle felting and, if you’d like to see more of the artists’ work, just click on the images.

Needle Felt Jackrabbit Hare by Daria Lvovsky        Toad Needle Felt by Yvonne’s Workshop        Canada Goose by Teresa Perleberg Needle Felt Artist

Needle Felt Rook on a Rook and Robin Bobbins by Dinny Pocock

Needle Felt Red Apple by MagicWool        Needle felt dogs by Gunilla Rehn Felt Angel

Needle Felt Fox        Bird Needle Felt Blue Tit by DaliaNerijusFelt        Needle Felt Grey Cat by RutaFelt

Jackrabbit and Lion by Daria Lvovsky
Toad by Yvonne’s Workshop
Canada Goose by Teresa Perleberg
Rook on a Rook and Robin Bobbins by Dinny Pocock
Red Apple by MagicWool
Dogs by Gunilla Rehn
Felt Fox and Grey Cat by RutaFelt
Blue Tit by DaliaNerijusFelt

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